Restaurant Manager

Duties and responsibilities include:
– Decides on range and quality of meals and beverages to be provided;
– Discusses customer’s requirements for special occasions;
– Purchases or directs the purchasing of supplies and arranges for preparation of accounts;
– Verifies that quality of food, beverages and waiting service is as required, that kitchen and dining areas are kept clean and appropriate hygiene standards are maintained in compliance with statutory requirements;
– Plans and arranges food preparation in collaboration with other staff and organises the provision of waiting or counter staff;
– Checks that supplies are properly used and accounted for to prevent wastage and loss and to keep within budget limit;
– Determines staffing, financial, material and other short- and long-term requirements;

Essential Knowledge: hazard analysis and critical control points, quality. assurance methodologies.

Essential Skills and Competences:
Arrange special events, comply with food safety and hygiene, control of expenses, devise special promotions, ensure portion control, ensure regular maintenance of kitchen equipment, ensure tableware is ready for use, handle customer complaints,

Identify customer’s needs, identify suppliers, maintain customer service, manage health and safety standards,

Manage restaurant service, manage staff, manage stock rotation, manage the customer experience, maximise sales revenues, monitor customer service, monitor work for special events, order supplies, plan menus, recruit employees, set prices of menu items, supervise food quality, supervise the work of staff on different shifts, train employees

Requirements include:
– Excellent communication skills.
– Level-headed/sensible and consistent in nature, trustworthy and reliable.
– Ability to work flexibly under pressure with a positive attitude.
– Approachable with excellent people skills.
– High level of initiative.
– Ability to multitask.
Sector: other service activities
Career Level

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