Site Engineer

The objective(s): Ensure that the required site engineering and technical duties are carried out as per the instruction of the senior engineer to enable the Works to be constructed as per the required design (technical specifications and drawings) to the specified quality while employing safe systems of works

1. Review of the design and associated programme of works in conjunction with the Senior Engineer and extended construction team.
2. Take instruction from the Senior Engineer and take responsibility for understanding both short term and long terms goals. Constantly review with the Senior Engineer taking note of ongoing changes to the plan and be able to react to these changes timely.
3. Communicate with the Senior Engineer and the wider construction team daily to understand key priorities.
4. Once established in the role, provide necessary leadership to any assistant engineering staff reporting directly to you. Understand any mentoring and training requirements with direction from the Senior Engineer.
5. Liaise with the Senior Engineer to ensure that the construction team has all the required information to construct the Works.
6. Upload weekly RFI (Request for Information) Schedules and discuss in detail with the Senior Engineer to understand and technical details subject to further clarification / possible change. Raise RFIs for review by the Senior Engineer as required.
7. Understand the programme and take responsibility for understanding in advance when design information is required. Where design may be late and cause possible impact to the programme, clearly report this to the Senior Engineer.
8. Under direction from the Senior Engineer, take responsibility for providing the required setting out and dimensional control on site. Agree how the primary control is to be established for the Works with the Senior Engineer and procedures for ongoing monitoring of same. Ensure robust checking system is in place to continually monitor and provide required assurance on setting out.
9. Where required, provide any information requested by the Senior Engineer for technical submissions within the scope of works you have responsibility for within the required timescales including taking note of required approval / response periods so that there is no impact to the programme
10. Review all applicable Inspection and Test Plans that provide the necessary inspections and hold points during construction
11. Generate method statements and risk assessments in conjunction with the wider team timely, ensuring buildability and safe systems of works are prioritised at all times.
12. As may be required and under direction from the Senior Engineer, carry out inspections of the works.
13. Under direction from the Senior Engineer, learn about how we implement temporary works within your scope of works with a view to being responsible for same when you reach the appropriate level of competence and experience.
14. Maintain a detailed diary
Sector: construction
Career Level
Experienced [Non-Managerial]

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